AMMUN 2020

AMMUN 2020

Du 9 au 11 janvier 2020, nos élèves de terminales ont participé au MODEL UNITED NATIONS organisé par le Lycée Français International André MALRAUX à RABAT.


A Welcome Message from the

​AMMUN Secretariat

To our wonderful Delegates, Chairs, and Directors, it is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that we welcome you to the Second International Edition of the André Malraux Model United Nations in Rabat, Morocco from January 9 to January 11, 2020.

Founded in 1997, the André Malraux French International High School has always been highly committed to cultural and academic excellence. From now on, it offers an important MUN experience to Moroccan and international students. As such, alongside the primary languages of the conference, English and French, two other languages will be present : Spanish and Arabic. We hope all attendants will benefit from this characteristic of the event. This Model United Nations is structured to provide the opportunity for young individuals to acquire further political knowledge and develop diplomatic skills. With nearly 200 delegates and 300 participants expected, from all over the world, we are confident your attendance to our conference will be characterized by enriching debates, cultural exchange and encounters you will remember and value.
AMMUN 2020 is a groundbreaking conference in which the essence, the very spirit of the simulation will be pushed to the extreme. It takes place in a futuristic dystopian world, three decades in the future. All the political, social and environmental issues the newspapers have been warning the world about for the last few years are now real. Africa’s and Asia’s overpopulation is at the root of a crucial resources deficit. Water shortages are causing rationing. Technological progress is outdoing its own creator. Designer babies, now completely legal, are raising stimulating new ethical questions. Artificial Intelligence is so close to human nature, that it generates endless interrogations regarding the conscience. Escalating conflicts are reaching their highest level leading to issues over the increased world-wide threats on democracy, communication cut offs, Cyber attacks and nuclear attacks. A real live Third World War!
Delegates will have to truly step into the shoes of a United Nations delegate in order to face and solve the issues of tomorrow in a futuristic political world. By organizing such a different MUN conference, our primary goal is to put you, with your imaginative, creative and intellectual resources, in the position of a future young leader in a situation that you may certainly have to face up to in the future. Everything is up to you now: it is time to become the actors of your own reality.
All these reasons convinced us to choose “The Dystopic Anticipation“ as the theme of the second international edition of the AMMUN. The Presidency and the organizing committee are relentlessly working to offer you a unique, enriching and unforgettable MUN experience.

​The AMMUN Secretariat           (